Our Mission

Our mission at Well Aware Inc. is to promote health and wellness through increased awareness, personalized services and experiential workshops. We provide tools and tips on how to integrate changes to create a balanced and peaceful lifestyle. Our approach is supportive, respectful, thoughtful and holistic to support you on your path towards being Whole and living Well. 

Wellness Services

Well Aware Inc. offers Holistic Services that address the whole of you; body, mind, feelings, heart, spirit and energy. Practitioners work with each person to support them on their health journey through the application of several complimentary therapies to become a Whole balanced person. We conscientiously attune the services to suit your needs, wants, and goals.  


Wellness Workshops

 Our Educational Workshops help to further develop understanding, skills and build practices to our daily life styles. Workshops are a wonderful way to learn new skills, expand awareness and create positivity towards to making changes in self, thoughts, behaviours and perspectives.

Wellness workshops are all about experiencing the techniques, and integrating them into daily living. Interactive and engaging approaches make learning fun and fearless to apply new habits into your daily living and experience the feeling 


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Wellness Serices and Workshops

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