Workshops "Whole Person Wellness"

Workshops Regular Sessions / Seminars

Join a group gathering or circles with other like-minded people interested in learning and practicing helpful habits. Provide the opportunity to integrate this into your lifestyle to experience the benefits and build comfort, increase the likelihood of participating in workshops and individual services. Come to enjoy a balance state of body, mind and heart to feel relaxed and enhance your sense of being.

Monthly Meditation Practice Circle

An opportunity to come together and practice how to meditate, visualize and relax. 

In each session we pick a focus, try it out and share our experiences. Express your inner flow, find your ‘ah-ha’ moment, gain a deeper understanding, source your inner strength, and find peace in stillness.  

The Energy Exchange

An opportunity for people to practice their energy based modality with other practitioners. A group discussion is followed with a partnered session exchange. A great way to build confidence in your approach and better understand how to read auric energy. 

Yoga - Gentle Flow

Find your flow through gentle movements and Yoga postures. Poses, stretches and breathing that help you to release tension, expand your joints, strengthen your body, focus the mind and relax to connect to the spirit within.